A Bible Study for New Cadets and other Christians Officers in the Military

1 Sam 16:1-13 David starts his military career.

vs 1 What was Samuel's problem? How do you react to leaders who let you or God down?
vs 1 How does God respond to Samuel's problem?
vs 2 What is Samuel's fear? How does God overcome his fear? How does God overcome your fears of someone?
vs 3 How much of the plan does God tell Samuel? What "partial plan" has God given you lately?
vs 4 How did Samuel respond to God's plan? What opposition did Samuel meet next?
vs 5 How does Samuel respond to their fear?
vs 6-7 What kind of leader as Samuel looking for? What kind of a military leade ris God looking for? Who makes the selection?
<>vs 8-10 How many are considered for the military position? How many were considered for the opportunity as you started you career?
vs 11 Where is David? What might this indicate?
vs 12 How was David described? Do you think this was why he was selected? (Why or why not)
vs 12 Who selected David?
vs 13 When David was commissioned / annointed who was present? Who was present when you were commisioned? Why?
vs 13 How did God's equip David for his new career?
vs 1-13 What was the key attribute of David that God was interested in? Acts 13:22 (1000 years later) what attributes of David does God mention in this verse?

From this study, what is important in preparation to serve God in your military career?

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